Illegal Dumping

Discarding trash or other unwanted items anywhere but an approved landfill, transfer station or incinerator is considered illegal dumping.  It is against the law.  Most illegal dumping occurs in secluded locations.  Wooded areas, roadsides and ravines are the locales most often utilized.  The materials left behind usually include furniture, appliances, construction waste, household trash and hazardous materials.  Since illegal dumps do not utilize the same safeguards as do regulated landfills and incinerators, the items and chemicals illegally dumped contaminate the environment and destroy Indiana’s beautiful landscape.  

Often times these illegal dumps attract curious children—posing a significant health and safety risk.  Additionally, rodents and other vermin are attracted to discarded food scraps and dirty diapers.  Regulated final disposal facilities take measures to control litter, limit pests and prevent unauthorized entry.

To report an illegal dump, contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.