In the State of Indiana it is always illegal to burn trash.  Unfortunately, trash burning is a rather common occurrence, particularly in rural areas of our state.  Trash fires can easily become uncontrollable and can create a risk to surrounding property and jeopardize the health and safety of nearby people and responding fire fighters.  Additionally, burning trash releases toxins into the air.  The chemicals contained in the smoke released from burning trash can cause cancer, heart disease and other serious health problems.  Trash burning also contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone, a pollutant that damages human health, vegetation and buildings.

According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s website, 95 percent of Hoosiers live within eight miles of a recycling drop-off facility.  So, it is easy to recycle, reuse or compost the majority of household waste.  The remaining materials should always be disposed of properly either in a landfill or regulated municipal solid waste incinerator.

If you have questions or concerns about trash burning or would like to file a complaint, contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.