Below are links to a number of educational pieces that may be downloaded and used to promote the proper disposal of household hazardous waste in Indiana.  The following items were produced with help from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management:

The following informational flyer regarding mercury is courtesy of the Wildcat Creek Solid Waste Management District:

Management Guidelines for indiana HHW Programs

This document is meant to serve HHW program managers and those considering the implementation of an HHW program and to serve as a compilation of best management practices and a reference tool. It was developed with help and input from many individuals experienced and familiar with HHW programs including personnel from solid waste management districts, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and others.

guide to collecting unwanted medications

Individuals representing pharmacy, medical, solid and hazardous waste and governmental interests came together to develop this resource for those tasked with designing and managing collection programs for unwanted medicines.

Recipes for Green Cleaners

Green cleaners offer a practical alternative to typical household cleaners that contain dangerous chemicals. This resource highlights some natural alternatives and provides recipes for a number of green cleaners.


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